Nadia's Philosophy


As a garden designer I strive to create for my clients beautiful and unique outside spaces that form natural extensions of their homes. My aim is to create gardens that embody the wishes of my clients, that nurture the soul and that contribute to ecological regeneration. I intend my gardens to be architecturally interesting, compelling in every season, and places of refuge where visitors experience beauty, harmony and well-being.

My evolution as a garden designer has been as organic as that of garden making itself. From a very early age I have had a fascination with the architecture of plants, the interplay of light and shadow on forms, and the juxtaposition of the built structure in the landscape. Each of these dimensions play a role in my design process today.

By the time I was twelve, I had lived on four continents. On each, I felt a strong connection to the natural world. Each outside space was my playground, where my imagination was free to create any reality I chose. My grandmother’s rose garden in England, our tropical garden in Nigeria, the great plains of Canada, the olive groves in the mountains of Lebanon perched above the shores of the eastern Mediterranean: every one of these landscapes has influenced my craft and contributed to my profound respect for the integrity of place and its myriad possibilities.