Juxtapose. by Nadia Malarkey


I love forms, patterns, structures, colors, textures, light and shadow. Their interplay in the natural world is where the magic happens. As Garden Designers we plant, we build, we layer and utilize all of the aforementioned aspects to create spaces that feel just right in both the smallest of spaces and the expansive. We focus up close and then step back to see the whole. This photo was taken one morning in the garden back in 2011. It is one in a series of photos I took grouped under the title 'Juxtapose'. Enjoy the weekend.

Simple Pleasures. by Nadia Malarkey

One of the many pleasures of my profession is receiving photographs such as the one posted here from clients who totally understand the part they play as stewards of the environment.

The gardens I create for them not only draw on strong design principles that relate to the home and the region but in addition to this provide much needed niche complementarity and habitat regeneration in the U.S. residential landscape.

Photograph courtesy of Lisa Russell.

Photograph courtesy of Lisa Russell.

As the earth warms... by Nadia Malarkey

It won't be long now......looking forward to finishing up our work of cutting back last summer's prairie grasses on this client's property. Then we wait and as the earth warms and the mycorrhiza fungi break their dormancy the intricate and beautiful workings of the microscopic soil food web below begins to manifest its work in the ground above. We are the recipients of the gifts of this intricate system that nurtures both our souls and our bodies.